I’ve long stated that Donut Delinquent is a story in four parts or “sagas”, each correlating to a season. Originally, I had intended to just have the comic be four volumes, each containing one seasonal saga. Of course, this was before the comic gained quite a bit of weight! So the “Spring” Saga of Donut Delinquent will ideally comprise Volume 1 (Chapters 1-8) and Volume 2 (Chapter 9 to ideally around 16!)

My main goal for Volume 2’s content is “Progression”, both when it comes to advancing the story and expanding certain character’s waistlines. The first volume of Donut Delinquent took place over roughly four days, Friday-Monday, and 100 of those 180 pages took place on that Monday! As such, weight gain progress was minimal.

This won’t be the case with Volume 2, with most chapters taking place on different days, and there being much wider spans of time between certain chapters. We’re still in early April storywise, and by the end of Volume 2, we’ll be at the beginning of June, kicking off the “Summer” saga. Plenty of time for a few girls to put on twenty or thirty pounds, maybe? 😉

No new characters or major concepts will be introduced in Volume 2, it’s all about developing what I’ve already brought to the table.

Volume 2 kicks off with Chapter 9, “Teenage Dirtbags.” This is a chapter I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now, and I’m glad to finally be working on it! Public posting will begin once I finish it and move onto Chapter 10! I just want to kick off Volume 2 with a full volume’s worth of backlog… If you’d like to get reading now though, do check out my Patreon!

Hope you continue to enjoy Delinquent in 2024 and beyond! I’ll leave you guys with a little taste of what’s to come next year (and beyond, as I don’t think I’ll be able to fit the entire volume into just one year of content!)