And that does it, Chapter Four is complete! With it, we’re also wrapping up the “Tachibana Women” arc I’ve been working on since last May!

I really hope everyone enjoyed the three pages I’ve posted this week, I’m really happy with the work I’ve put into them. I also hope after four chapters, but especially this one, people realize what I meant when I said Donut Delinquent was not a regular weight gain comic, but a slice of life romance comic with weight gain/fat fetish fanservice. If you like what you’ve read so far, I hope you continue to enjoy the stories I tell with these guys! If you want a more fast paced weight gain comic, there are plenty of other artists in the community who offer that. We’re in a renaissance for content like this!
That said, I also hope I’ve managed to keep people happy with a healthy amount of fanservice! Seina was supposed to be a little slimmer when I first conceptualized her (As you can see below, in the fully visible cover for the chapter) Ultimately, the horny brainrot lead to me giving her a bit more belly and butt lol. Glad it did though, as I’m really happy with how the “final” look for her panned out, as she looks a lot more motherly, feels more like a window into what Hana will become too. (Notice I had her wearing Hana’s current outfit in the story to drive that point home…)
Chapter five “Generic Happy Music” will be kicking off this Monday, see you all then!